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  1. Following the recent announcement by the Government regarding changes to the guidelines in England, we can confirm that from Thursday 27th January, masks/face-coverings will not be required at Workspace House. Please continue to wear masks/face-covering when accessing Workspace House until this date.

    The Governement recently announced a change to the covid rules in England which mean the removal of their 'Plan B' measures. The announcement was made on January 19th and had some changes that came into effect the following day. However for any visitors/users of Workspace the changes do not take place until the 27th of January.

    Please continue to follow the government guidelines regarding testing and isolating to try to reduce any further spreading of the virus. Thank you for your continued support in helping to keep Workspace safe and open for our staff, tenants and all the visitors.


    The full government announcement can be read here: 


    Workspace has been able to remain open, providing access and support to all our tenants, virtual and physical with limited changes to our guidelines and proceedures. What changes we have made, have been fully supported by our tenants and this has been crucial to maintaining the work they do and our support of them. 

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