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The PT Business Awards - Boost your business & gain FREE PR

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Mark Edwards, Editor of the Peterborough Telegraph, recently attended an Opportunity Peterborough Bondholder meeting to launch the Telegraph's "Business Excellence Awards 2021".

Awards, and especially established awards like the Telegraph's, are an excellent way for any business to get a boost. Staff and owners can celebrate being finalists or winners, clients like to know they are using a leading/award winning provider, potential clients can be swayed by hearing about your success. Everyone wins!

This year, the Telegraph has made a couple of changes to reflect the challenges of the past year and also embrace and adopt new technology to make the event more accessible. The actual awards night itself will include a 'virtual' element streaming online so those not in the room can share in the experience. There have also been some changes to the categories, with 16 categories to choose from, some with direct reference to covid-19.

The awards will open to entries in May and close at the beginning of September and you can check out the online entry via the website - . The final event takes place on 19th Nov.  

For any business that takes part, not just the winners, the awards are a useful way to generate positive news and content so don’t miss out. Check out the categories and start compiling all the information you need to make your business stand out and give your business the best chance of winning.