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Workspace Challenge: The Cyber 100

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On Wednesday 6th October, Workspace is looking to inform/educate 100 organisations on cyber security

After hosting a hugely successful Cyber Security talk from the Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre to the Link4Business networking group, we felt that we could and should be doing more to educate local organisations - businesses, charities, nurseries, social enterprises etc - on cyber resilience.

The original plan was to host the event at Workspace House itself and get the ECRC and the Cambs Constabulary Cyber Protect team to provide the content. Whilst a good idea, and one we may revisit, it was limited in size and scope. After a few discussions about how to make it bigger and better the Cyber 100 was born and with it a challenge; "get 100 local organisations better informed and educated on Cyber Security, in a single day".

To make the event relevant we split it into three sessions: one for small businesses, one for charities and one for educational organisations. This woud enable the ECRC and the Cyber Protect teams to deliver specific information relevant to each sector.

At this point we knew we needed somewhere bigger than our meeting room and needed partners to help put our message in front of the right people. Having previously used the Cresset we quickly selected the venue and almost as quick, we were able to bring onboard City Fibre as the sole sponsor of the event - thanks to City Fibre, Workspace House has been a gigabit enabled premises for over five years and their £30m+ investment in transforming our city into a Gigacity made them the ideal partner.

So, here it is

The Cyber 100

The three events can be found below. It is FREE to attend and each session lasts 90 minutes with content tailored for the audience - huge thanks to the ECRC, the Cyber Protect Team and City Fibre for their support and involvement in this project.

Please do sign up to join us AND be sure to share the links to anyone in your network who might benefit from a FREE session on cyber resilience

To find out more about our partners on this project visit their respective websites: