Benefits of Workspace (Part One): Fast internet…

Before we talk about the internet at Workspace House, it might be useful to look at some of the terms, speeds and information around Broadband speeds.

Type ‘fast broadband’ into the internet and you’ll be bombarded by a myriad of marketing speak; “fast”, “faster”, “super-fast”, “ultra-fast”, “lightning fast” and probably a few others I’ve missed. But just what does it mean?

Well, Ofcom defines:

superfast as 30Mbps or higher, and

ultrafast at 300Mbps plus

With more and more people using their broadband for work, meetings and much more it’s also good to know that overall the UK broadband speed is increasing. As recently as May this year the BBC published an Ofcom report1 stating that the average household speed had increased to 64 Mbps with something like 69-75% of households achieving superfast broadband or higher.

But what does this mean in the real world where most of us know these numbers and phrases but not what it means. Well let’s take an example of streaming a HD movie. To do this for one user, reports suggest that you’ll need at least 8-10Mbps to make sure it downloads smoothly – a 4k HDR download increases that figure to approx 16-20Mbps. Don’t forget that the more devices and users you have, the more your broadband speed is being shared. Want to know how fast your broadband is right now? If you’ve never checked your internet speed it’s really simple. Simply run an internet search for ‘speedtest’, click on one of the many results and run the test (the IT guru at Workspace House – MSS (UK) Ltd’s Lee Alberga – suggested we use the ookla speedtest app and website –


What does all that mean for Workspace House? We have around 40 businesses operating from our premises in Woodston so it’s crucial that our broadband is fast and reliable. So, like all things at Workspace we like to keep it simple; the broadband at Workspace is not fast, super-fast or ultra-fast, it’s full fibre gigabit which means it’s capable of speeds in excess of 900Mpbs. Quite simply our broadband is one the fastest currently available in the UK and, importantly for our tenants, our available upload and download speeds are the same. 

Thanks to CityFibre – who installed Peterborough’s full fibre network for businesses and is currently working on installing the same full fibre service to households2 – tenants, visitors & networking events that take place at Workspace House can all access and benefit from our full fibre gigabit internet speeds. Like I mentioned earlier, we’ve got nearly forty businesses here and even with that many devices using our internet it doesn’t make a difference. Yesterday we ran test and we had a download speed of over 880Mbps and an upload speed in excess of 940Mbps!! See the results of the speedtest below.

Having a future-proofed broadband system is a major benefit for us but also gives the tenants peace of mind knowing that they have access to the fastest broadband speeds around. Our internet is included within the simple monthly rental fee that our tenants pay for their fully serviced units, offices and Workspaces. IF you want to find out more about the actual benefits of being a tenant at Workspace, want to see what units, offices and workspaces are currently available or just want to come and check out our internet speeds get in touch with me at . 



BBC report on average UK broadband speeds (May 2020)

2 CityFibre reaches halfway point (September 2020)