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In June we had the unusual situation that doesn’t happen that often. We were looking at a situation where we were going to have SEVEN units available. It’s been some time since we had more than two or three empty units so seven was unheard of. 

However, less than two months later we have secured tenants for five of the units. Our service, unique approach to our clients, value-for-money and the co-operative, supportive atmosphere at Workspace makes us an appealing and attractive offer for new businesses looking for their first commercial space or existing businesses that need the space and support we offer.

Making a decision to move into a commercial space can be a daunting process and we know that there can be a significant gap between:

  • thinking about it
  • doing some desktop research
  • looking at spaces
  • thinking about it some more
  • making THE decision

To make it easier and help, we have a mailing list that updates you whenever a unit becomes available. All you have to do is sign up. Simply send an email to with ‘Mailing List’ in the subject header and include your name, business name (if you have one), and contact telephone number in the body copy. That’s it, simple. We’ll add you to the list and make sure you know what and when we have available.